Ramadan Study Evaluation (25marks)
Ramadan Study Projects (25 marks)

To the parents: The Quran has many interesting stories on, for example, the Prophets, past civilizations, animals, etcetera. Read to your children the books (at least 2) that have been written on those stories, and tell them to make poster(s) or draw picture(s) related to the stories.

And remember to post your artworks to http://mypost.muslimville.com/.

Verbal Test (Recitation & Quiz) -50 marks

Study the notes for JK & SK and the following for a verbal test.

Recitation (20 marks)
Surah: Fatiha, Asr, Nas, Kawsar, Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Lahab, Nasr & Kafirun
Dua (Supplications) / Zikr (additional study other than JK & SK students)
Do you know of any good way to remember Allah all the time?
Yes, the best way to remember Allah all the time is to say some phrases which remind us of Allah during different times of the day.

What should we say before starting anything?
We should say, ‘Bismillah-ir-Rahman-nir-Rahim’, before starting anything.

What should we say if we hear good news?
We should say, ‘Subhana-Allah’, if we hear good news.

What should we say when we intend to do anything?
– We should say, In Sha’ Allah’, when we intend to do anything.

What should we say to praise anything good?
We say ‘Ma Sha’ Allah’, when we praise anything good.

What should we say to thank Allah for anything?
We should say ‘Al-Hamdu lillah’ when we want to thank Allah for anything.

What should we say to thank others for anything?
We should say ‘Jazak Allahu Khairan’ when we want to thank others for anything.

What should we say to someone who is leaving on a Journey?
We should say
‘Fi Aman lillah’.

What should we say when we feel sorry for something bad we thought, said or done?

We say it AstagfirullahI seek Allah’s forgiveness
What should we say to before reciting the Quran?

Audhubillahi minash shaitanur razim – I seek refuge in Allah from shaitan.
We say it before reciting the Quran. We also seek Allah’s protection from Shaitan (devil) by saying it so that Shaitan cannot trick us

Verbal Quiz (20 marks)
Learn about Allah
Name some items that Allah has created and which we can see.
Allah made the sun, the moon, the sky, the birds, the rivers, the flowers etc.

What else Allah has made? Name some items which we cannot see.
Allah made the Angels, air, gases, small bacteria, virus – which we cannot see.

Who created Allah?
No one created Allah. Allah is the First and Allah is the Last.

Is Allah one? Yes, Allah is One.

Does Allah have any partner? No, Allah has no partner.

Does Allah have a father or a mother? No, Allah has no father or mother.

Does Allah have any sons or daughters? No, Allah has no sons or daughters

Can you hide anything from Allah? No. Allah knows everything and can see everything we do.

Can you name at least 3 other names of Allah?
As-Samad, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, Ar-Razzak, Al-Qayyum, Al-Quddus.

What is the meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’?
‘Allah is the Greatest’

What is the meaning of ‘Subhan Allah’?
‘Glory be to Allah’.

What is the meaning of ‘Al Hamdu lillah’?
‘All praises are for Allah’.

What are we to Allah?
We are Allah’s servants.

What is Allah to us?
Allah is our Lord and Master.

What do we have to do to please Allah? Mention 3 acts–
Pray 5 times daily.
Respect our parents.
Remember Allah at all times.
Read the Quran.
Help the needy.
Be kind to everyone, including animals.

Always keep promises.

Who is our Prophet?
Muhammad (S) is our Prophet.

Name 3 other Prophets of Allah.
Adam(A), Idris(A), Nuh(A), Hud(A), Salih(A), Ibrahim(A), Isma’il(A), Ishaq(A), Lut(A), Ya’qub(A), Yusuf(A), Shu’aib(A), Ayyub(A), Musa(A), Dhul-kifl(A), Dawud(A), Sulaiman(A), Ilias(A), Al-Yasa(A), Yunus(A), Zakariyya(A), Yahya(A), Isa(A), and Muhammad (S).

Note:We have to say Sallallahu alaihi Wasalam after the name of Prophet Muhammad.We have to say Alaihis salam after the name of other Prophets

In books those are some time written as follow:
(S) = Sallallahu alaihi Wasalam
(A)= Alaihis salam
(R) = Radi allahu anhu/anha/anhuma

Who was the first man? Adam (A)

Who was the first woman? Hawa (A)

Learn about the Quran
What is the Quran? The Quran is the Book of Allah. Allah sent Quran to Prophet Muhammad (s) through Angel Jibrail.
What is the first Surah of the Quran? – Sura Fatiha.
What is the last Surah? – Sura Nas.
What is the smallest surah? – Surah Kawsar.
What are the other small surahs? – Surah Ikhlas and Surah Asr.

Questions on performing Salah (10 marks)
Learn how to pray; the steps for performing Wudu (ablutions) and Salah; the timings for five time prayers
and how to call Azan