Ramadan is a vital time for Muslims. It’s a month of blessings and rewards from our Lord, Allah- the All-mighty.  But for our children in North America days and nights of Ramadan might be like other days and nights of the year unless we make any extra efforts.  They can hardly feel the “Ramadan’ as they are busy as usual in school and homework. This is natural from our kids when we want to keep them within the boundaries of Islam and not giving them any Islamic alternatives. To make ‘Ramadan’ significant for them we as parents should make special efforts and plan. This only requires a small amount of creative thinking and even less effort to organize. Children are highly impressionably and intelligent individuals. Their energy and creativity needs to be nurtured and stimulated during all waking hours.

 “MuslimVille Ramadan Competition’ is our effort to keep our children busy throughout the month of Ramadan.  We call this program ‘Making My Ramadan Cool’

Ramadan Activity Report:

We have suggested some Islamic activities to keep them busy and encourage them in learning and practicing more about Islam. Keep track of all their activities, monitor and encourage them.

Smart-Cool Week

During this Ramadan, we suggest that Muslim Families to spend a week as Smart-Cool Week. The aim of the program is to focus on creativity, productivity and learning. Another aim of the program is to reduce the amount of time spent with TV and Video game. Television has become the single most dominant influence in the lives of our children and it plays a crucial role in teaching them western morals and behavior. The only thing that kids do more than watching TV is sleep. So do the so-called video-game.

Encourage them to do some Islamic project or any creative work which they can submit online.

This Ramadan Sponsor an Orphan

This program aims at caring for other. Encourage your children to broaden their mind and soul, which is really absent in a materialistic western society.

Islamic Knowledge Competition

Reading is the most effective tools for the mental development of your children. The aim of Islamic Knowledge Competition is to make learning fun for them.   To make their study easy we have developed Study Plan for Ramadan suitable for every age group. Let them spend this Ramadan time for learning more about Islam and building their Islamic talents.

We know children will like those programs. But the main initiative should start from you, the Muslim Parents.

MuslimVille tries to appreciate your children for participating is various Islamic activities during this Ramadan by giving out lots of prizes. But the best prize children should be expecting is the rewards from our Lord.