Quran and Your Kids

Encourage kids to memorize verses on Ramadan

  • Age 5 and below: any 3 verses from An-Nas, Al-Kawsar, Al-Ikhlas; Al-Asr
  • Age 6 & 7: Al-Asr, An-Nasr & Al-Maun
  • Age 8 & 9: At-Takathur,  Al-Qaria & Al-Adiyat
  •  Age 10 & 11: AZ-Zalzala, Al-Bayyina & Ad-Dhuha
  •  Age 12 & 13: Al-Fajr, Al-Tariq & Al-Burooj

Teach younger kids some small phrases related with Ramadan 

Short verses from the Quran

Kutiba alaikumus siyamu – Fasting is prescribed for you
kama kutiba alal lazina min kablikum– As it was prescribed those before you
la alla kum tattakun– So that you may be God-fearing
-Quran Surah Al-Bakarah: 183
Shahru ramdanul lazi unzila fihil quran- The month of Ramadan is that in which the Quran was revealed
-Quran Surah Al-Bakarah: 185
Inna anjalnaahu fi lailatul qadr– Indeed we have sent this (the Quran) in the Night of Power
– Quran Surah Al-Qadr:1
Lailatul qadre kharum min alfe shhar– The Night of Power is better then a thousand months.
– Quran Surah Al-Qadr:2

Hadith and Your Kids

Some Short Hadith – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described the month of Ramadan as follow:

Shahrun Ajim– A Great month.
Shahrun Mubarakan– A Blessed month.
Fihi lailatun khairum min alfe shahar– In it (Ramadan)  is  a night which is better than a thousand Months.
Hua shahrus sabru. Assabru abuhul jannath– It (month of Ramadan) is month of sabr (patience) and Patient leads to paradise.
Shahrul muasati– It (month of Ramadan) is month of comforting other (sharing and caring)
Shahrun yujadu fihi rizkul mumin– In this month (Ramadan) Allah increase the provisions (rizik) of believers
Shahrun aualuhu rahmatun– First part of this month (Ramadan) is of blessing
wa ausatuhu magfiratun– Middle part of this month (Ramadan) is of forgiveness
wa akhiruhu ityumminan nar– Last part of this month (Ramadan) is of salvation from hell (fire)
Iza kana awalu lailatum min Shahri ramdana sufidatis shaitan– As soon as the first night of Ramadan comes, Allah chains the devil.
Innas sawma  yamnau min malazzin nafse– Indeed fasting controls the bad deeds (greediness, selfishness, miserliness etc) of yourself.
As siyamu khunnatun- Fasting is shield (from all bad deeds)

Start listening to the Qur’an with your kids regularly

You might already do this regularly, but if not, now’s a good time to start! There are loads of recitations available from Youtube or iTunes. Download your favourite, and make this a habit.

This site, LoveforQuran, has a wonderful recitation of the last few Surahs by an 8 year old girl, masha Allah. Its lovely for kids to listen to and learn. CLICK LoveforQuran

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Let Your Kids Read Some Books Related to Quran

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Saniyasnain Khan

Saniyasnain Khan